200 Club to launch 24 March 2015

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200 Club

Our new 200 Club will open for membership from 24 March. Members get the chance to win fantastic cash prizes and help raise funds for Parkinson’s UK in a monthly cash draw. The very first draw will be held at our monthly branch meeting on 26 May.

Funds raised by 200 Club members go towards vital medical research to help find better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s as well as improving the lives of people with the condition.

200 Club at a glance

    • Help raise funds for Parkinson’s research and support and get the chance to win fantastic cash prizes
    • 200 Club PrizesSubscriptions cost £5 per month each, payable monthly or yearly
    • Every month, 60% of subscriptions go to Parkinson’s UK and 40% go into a Prize Fund
    • The Prize Fund is paid out to the winners of our monthly prize draw as follows:
      • A FIRST PRIZE of one half of the Prize Fund with a maximum of £150
      • A SECOND PRIZE of one quarter of the Prize Fund with a maximum of £75
      • MULTIPLE THIRD PRIZES, with a maximum of £25 each, to use up the remaining Prize Fund

Join the 200 Club

Look out for a news update on 24 March when you will be able to join either online at this web site or on the paper form available with our 200 Club leaflet.

200 Club Q&A