Amersham Free Church fits the bill

Nearly 60 branch members enjoyed an afternoon tea party in the Alfred Ellis Hall in Amersham Free Church on 13 July and commented very favourably on the new venue for our monthly meetings starting 14 September 2016.

With the bigger hall, we’ll be able to sit around tables all afternoon, which saves having to rearrange the layout to fit everyone in after lunch.  As Anne and Mick Burnard said: “The idea of leaving the tables the same after lunch is a good one as it will be easier to have a nice chat and saves all that upheaval altering chairs”.  Ray Chamberlin added “there was plenty of space around tables … I found it easy to get up and move to another table in order to chat to others during the break between food courses”.

People like the location with Gurdeep Chadha saying “the location is pretty central considering the breadth of our branch” and Keith Howell said “folks can get there by bus if they have to”.

One of the best things is how light and airy the hall is.  Sue and Hugh Brown said “We thought it was better in every way – most of all we liked how light it was, it made the mood seem different”.

Parking got a thumbs up too.  Gurdeep said “there is plenty of easy parking.” and Keith agreed, saying “the car parking is much better”.

Volunteers in the kitchen also felt more involved – “we don’t feel so cut off and can now see and hear what is going on in the hall”.

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