Anita Browne’s phone number change

Parkinson’s UK has cut call charges for people phoning the charity.

All its telephone numbers beginning with 0844 have changed to 0344. The remainder of the number after the code stays the same.

Anita Browne
Anita Browne

This means Anita Browne’s number has become 0344 225 3675, although her old number will continue to work for 6 months.

Anita is the Parkinson’s UK Information and Support Worker for our area. She offers one-to-one information and emotional support to people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers.

The phone number change has been prompted by increasing numbers of people calling the charity from mobiles and Ofcom’s (the communications regulator) changes to the way consumers are charged for calling certain numbers.

For anyone with free minutes on a mobile contract, these can be used when calling an 0344 number but not when calling an 0844 number. Similarly, some landline contracts have inclusive minutes or lower per minute charges for 0344 numbers.

The Parkinson’s UK helpline number, 0808 800 0303, will not change and continues to be free.

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