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Liz Scott (May 2018)

20140321_Liz Scott_005C_SMALLHolidays are a great way of recharging batteries and relaxing. Here are my top tips for making sure you have a relaxing time away.

  1. Make sure that you take enough medication with you. Always take 10 days’ extra supply just in case. Remember the ash cloud which grounded all flights for 10 days!
  2. If you are taking Sinemet or Madopar and have an early flight, take it as soon as you wake on your travelling day, or if you have an especially long day, you will also need an extra dose.
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New Care and Share

King’s Roast Coffee House at the King’s Church, Amersham

Our new format Care and Share meetings will begin on Monday 19 March, 10.45 – 12.00 noon at the Kings Roast Coffee House, Amersham. Thereafter, our Care and Share meetings will be at the same time and place on the third Monday of the month for a further two months of a trial period. Come and help us make it a success! Continue reading New Care and Share


Marketing and Publicity volunteer

This role now filled.  Thanks for looking.

Are you interested in marketing and publicity and want to make a difference to those affected by Parkinson’s?

Our branch is looking for a Marketing and Publicity Volunteer to help build our profile and communicate with the local community. Anyone can apply for this role – you don’t have to have a connection with Parkinson’s.

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Cake stands raise £300

By Cathi Grainger

Back in 2016, Duncan and Sue Keir, along with Cathi and John Grainger started a fundraising initiative to make cake stands from donated plates that could be converted to cake stands. 

“Duncan the Drill” set about experimenting with various plates and decided that porcelain gave the best results.  After acquiring donated plates and some purchased from charity shops, a stock of various designs was constructed in an effort to cover every possible market need.

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Physiotherapy top tips

Annie Rainbow, Neurophysiotherapist, has worked with Parkinson’s patients for over 15 years and runs our PD Power activity

By Annie Rainbow

  1. THINK BIG – remember Parkinson’s will want to make movements small – it will do the bare minimum – it is lazy! So you deliberately need to make movements bigger.
  2. A DAILY DOSE OF EXERCISE Keep moving- exercise is now being seen as a type of medicine.
  3. POSTURE – you need to think about your posture NOW. Look in the mirror or take a photo and check that you are straight (left and right looks symmetrical and even as well as upright. It is never too early to start thinking about your posture.

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