There are several things you can try with the above calendar:

  • click on an individual meeting to see more details
  • change between a ‘month’ view and a ‘week’ view just above the top right of the calendar (also, take a look at the ‘agenda’ view while you’re there)
  • move from month to month (or week to week) using the left and right arrows in the blue boxes just above the top left corner of the calendar.
  • quickly get back to the current month (week) by clicking the ‘today’ box at the top left

Subscribe to our Calendars

Do you use a calendar on a smartphone or on a computer?  If you do, you can ‘subscribe’ to our branch calendars.  Subscribing means you can see one or more of our calendars on your phone or computer and you don’t need to copy details over to your personal calendar.  It also means that if we change a meeting or event, the changes will automatically update on your phone or computer.

Once on your smartphone or computer, you can show or hide our calendars very easily – it is simply an ‘overlay’ to your existing calendar.  It can be toggled on/off or removed at any time.

Until recently we had one calendar for all our branch meetings and activities but we are now moving towards separate calendars for each. To subscribe to one or more of our calendars, cut & paste the following addresses one at a time, into the software or app you currently use for your calendar:

Monthly meetings
Care & Share
Walking groups
Mah Jong
All other meetings

Detailed instructions for subscribing can be found in the help pages of your calendar software or app. In case of difficulties, contact us and let us know how we can help.

For anyone not familiar with computer-based calendars, they all have options for viewing by day, week or month and it’s worth playing with those options to see which suits you best.


Instead of subscribing to our calendar, it is possible to copy individual meetings/events from the Branch’s calendar to your personal calendar (when you click on a calendar item, you get the option to do this beneath the description).  However, do be aware that if we later change a date or venue or other details, any copies will not change.

Please be sure to ‘Subscribe’ rather than ‘Import’ our calendar.  Subscribing ensures future updates come through automatically, importing does not.  Also importing might put our meetings and events into your own personal calendar rather than keeping them as a separate ‘overlay’ which can be toggled on/off or removed at any time.


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