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Research Study on “Freezing”

Volunteers needed for research study on “freezing”

Will Young, of Brunel University, is looking for volunteers who experience freezing for a study of a new type of strategy to help overcome the problem.

Will says: “Many people who experience freezing of gait will use strategies to help them make a step, such as counting, imagining a marching beat or aiming for a visual target (e.g., a mark on the floor in front of them).

The current study aims to train people to use a different type of strategy called ‘analogy learning’; Continue reading Research Study on “Freezing”


Gyro gear research comes to our branch

By Cathi Grainger 

In February, six of our branch members volunteered to help test prototypes of new devices designed to reduce hand tremors. In a temporary lab at Amersham Community Centre, set up by GyroGear, they were filmed while doing extended arm tests and paper and pen tests, both with and without different prototype gyro gloves.

It was a “first” for our branch and also the first time that   Continue reading Gyro gear research comes to our branch