Election candidates visit

Janet Smith reports on our recent branch meeting when candidates for the upcoming General Election visited to answer our questions.

At our branch meeting on 28 April 2015 we were able to meet and question our Parliamentary candidates for the Amersham and Chesham constituency. Representatives of the three main parties were invited but in the end Cheryl Gillan (Conservative) and Dr Kirsten Johnson (Lib Dem) were the only two able to come. Ben Davies (Labour) got the date wrong!

Before the meeting branch members were invited to send their questions to Tony Vaughan. These were looked at by members of the committee and grouped together to make an interesting afternoon. They ranged from questions about drug availability to time spent seeing Doctor Jackson to the availability of old people’s bus passes in the future.

Almost 50 members came to the meeting on the 28th. Each candidate was given 5 minutes to introduce themselves and they then took it in turns to be first to answer the questions. They were each allowed three minutes to answer the questions. It was very refreshing to hear their answers because there was no back biting or criticism of the other person’s party.

The final question surprised them somewhat.

“If you are elected, do you agree now to come back here in 2 years time to update us on what you have achieved, as an MP, to improve the lot of people with Parkinson’s?”

They both looked startled and then hurriedly agreed to come.

So …watch this space in April 2017.