Food for Thought Quiz Night May 2015

Puddings – creamy dreamy trifle, pillowy pavlova, darkly mysterious chocolate brownie and crumbly top sweet apple fuelled the bodies and focused the minds of all who attended the 2nd sell out Food for Thought Quiz Night held at The Memorial Centre, Great Missenden on Saturday 9th May.

We raised …

The event raised £1138 and all funds will go towards a special 3 year research project conducted by Professor Anthony Schapira and his team, currently in year one, examining the potential of the drug ABX to treat Parkinson’s.

The science part …

Now here’s the science part, alpha-synuclein and GCase and their see-saw relationship are the two proteins in the brain that Professor Schapira’s team are studying. The build-up of alpha-synuclein and subsequent decrease in GCase, and vice versa, is thought to play a part in the development of Parkinson’s.

The challenge…

The evening was accompanied by the sounds and the dazzling flashing lights of the Great Missenden Fair but this did not deter the dedicated, pudding powered Quiz goers, minds were concentrated, brows furrowed, pens chewed and the flurry of excited whispers ensured that each quiz round was completed.

Liz Scott sniffing deeply
Liz Scott sniffing deeply

Round 5, ‘Seasoned Quiz Goers’, was amongst the most challenging of the evening, each table was provided with 10 plastic bags of different herbs and spices to identify.  Not as easy as it appeared, the subtle differences between bags of dusty brown powder and crumbly green leaves proved quite a test. To an onlooker, the sight of a room full of people with their noses buried in small plastic bags of brownish powder, eyes closed, sniffing deeply was perhaps startling.

Grateful thanks to …

Enormous thanks must go especially to Cathi ‘Pavlova’ Grainger whose idea this is, her organisational skills in bringing together the cooks and their puddings, the hall and its decoration, the quiz questions and coordinating the evening to a complete success.

Thank you also to the Trifling twins, Sue Keir and Sue Brown, Janet Smith for her darkly gorgeous chocolate brownie and the latest addition to the Apron Hall of Fame, Ann Burnard and her crumbly sweet Apple Pudding.  Grateful thanks to Cathi’s friend, Gina Kelland, whose invaluable assistance in the kitchen allowed other members to get out and participate in the quiz.

  • Another round of thanks to those who kindly donated raffle prizes and pudding ingredients.
  • Liz Scott for drawing the raffle from the newly acquired spinning drum.
  • The suavely dressed John Grainger and Hugh Brown working the bar.
  • David Jarman for the loan of his equipment and technical support
  • Peter Charles ‘Scorekeeper’ and Trevor Owen ‘Quizmaster’

And almost finally, fabulous thanks to the Quizzers without whom we would not have achieved such an amazing sum for this Parkinson’s research project.

Winners (L to R) Keith and Sarah Wiltshire and Michael and Brenda Conroy
Winners (L to R) Keith and Sarah Wiltshire and Michael and Brenda Conroy

Finally, massive hands in the air congratulations to the winning team, Sarah and Keith Wiltshire and Brenda and Michael Conroy.