Food for Thought Quiz, September 2017

The winning team

By Cathi Grainger

103 people munched their way through 10 flavours of crisps only to prove that the original flavours are still the easiest to identify.  If they couldn’t, then the most popular guess was Prawn Cocktail!

A tough round of questions followed and then they were tucking into giant Yorkshire Puddings filled with Beef Casserole.  After completing another two rounds of questions there followed a pudding of Apple Loaf with custard. 

Having stoked the energy levels, it was a run of 3 rounds ending in a nail-biting Wipeout round. ‘Last Gasp’ won the quiz with a total of 92 points out of a possible 115.

Thanks to everyone who supported and donated to this fourth quiz night, we raised a total of £1,284. 

Our thanks go to:

  • Cathi Grainger for her usual high standard of organisation
  • Trevor Owen, quiz master
  • John Grainger who kept score
  • Zahid Haque, who ensured that everything was running smoothly in the main hall
  • his partner Rani, Gina Kelland, Harriet and Jonathan Barnes who were constantly busy in the kitchen
  • Dorothy Salathiel for setting up
  • Sue Brown for her lovely cakes