Food for Thought Quiz

29th November 2014

A sell-out event saw over 100 quiz-goers enjoy an evening of puddings, pride and puzzlement while supporting a brilliant cause.

The event raised an amazing total of £1,396.

Every penny raised will go towards Dr Amy Reeve’s research project investigating the role of mitochondria (the tiny power stations that provide the energy our cells need to work) and brain cell death. Her work could help solve the mitochondrial mystery and put a stop to Parkinson’s for good.

During the course of the night there were plenty of cheers, whoops of joy, furrowed brows and groans (Lassie’s coat may have earned the biggest groan) … but we hope everyone had a fantastic time.

And what about the puddings … our ‘food for thought’ on the night! Our thanks to the wonderful cooks who made them and the brilliant helpers who dished them up and served them to tables.

And how about Judy Theobald who gave us ‘Food for Thought’ of a completely different kind with her reflections on ‘Christmas and other problems’. Thank you, Judy.

Huge thanks must go to everyone who helped make it happen:

  • Cathi Grainger who organised everything superbly from concept to conclusion
  • The wonderful cooks who produced the puddings … Sue Brown, Peter Charles, John Grainger, Sue Keir, Margaret Owen, Janet Smith and Jan Vaughan
  • everyone who kindly gave raffle prizes and pudding ingredients
  • John Grainger and Hugh Brown on the bar
  • David Jarman, for the loan of his equipment and technical support
  • Peter Charles, Scorekeeper
  • Trevor Owen, Quizmaster

But the biggest thanks of all surely goes to everyone who came on the night to support the event and help raise such an amazing sum … you were fantastic!
Thank you so much!

Our quiz-goers said …

“We both thought the quiz night was excellent. Every little detail seemed to be covered. It looked all so easy, which is a sure sign of careful preparation and hard work”

“I thought the questions were really good – we could answer many – which was encouraging but some were a challenge too. It was also a good idea to have the sheets of extra questions on the tables to keep everyone challenged”

“The puddings were delicious and it was a novel idea. Here’s to the next one”

“… friends [who came with us] said it was a very well run quiz evening and how much they enjoyed themselves”

“A success all-round”

“Our table certainly enjoyed ourselves even though a lot of the questions were beyond us. Thank you for having the good idea in the first place and being prepared to see it through”

“Let me know if I can do anything to help with the next one as we are looking forward to that too”

“I really enjoyed your quiz, which seemed to cover a wide enough range that everyone could contribute to the team effort. The other aspects of the evening, such as the delicious puddings and Judy’s entertainment, made for an enjoyable and sociable atmosphere, and you put the ‘fun’ into ‘fundraising'”

“The blue bow ties and aprons were a great idea too. Most important of all, I’m sure you must have raised a great total for Parkinson’s UK”