Free Respite Care


Leanne Owen and husband, Peter, at their home in Wakefield.
Free respite care for partners and other family carers

“If only I had someone to look after my husband on Monday mornings for two hours!”

“Can someone give me a break for three hours on Wednesday afternoons?”

We can help … with free care so that carers can take a break. Anyone looking after a person with Parkinson’s in our area may apply.

Thanks to Peter Charles, who contributed 10% of the money raised by his amazing pilgrimage towards respite care, we can offer up to 20 hours of free respite care per person in blocks of one to four hours at a time.

Quote symbolPeople tend to think of ‘care’ as personal care … but it could be something as simple as just being there to make sure the person with Parkinson’s is safe”


Quote symbolI had peace of mind that someone was there to keep an eye on him and do whatever was needed for him” 

Carers can take a break to do everyday things, like go to the hairdressers, meet a friend for coffee or play a round of golf.

Qualified and experienced carers from local agency Universal Care Ltd can provide:

  • companionship
  • personal care
  • administration of medication
  • housekeeping
  • shopping


Quote symbolThis is not a magic wand, it won’t solve all your problems, but it will give you a breathing space and perhaps some renewed energy”

Anyone looking after a person with Parkinson’s in the Amersham, High Wycombe and nearby Chiltern and South Bucks districts, who needs help now, or within the next few weeks, may apply.

The scheme is not open to anyone who has had free respite care from us in the past.

You don’t have to be a member of Parkinson’s UK to apply.

Apply online now


For more information and to apply, contact

John Grainger, Branch Vice Chairman
T: 01494 715530  OR

Lola de-Lima, Branch Treasurer
T: 01494 630415  OR

Anita Browne, Information And Support Worker, Parkinson’s UK
T: 0344 225 3675 or

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