Hydrotherapy course feedback

Nov/Dec 2015 hydrotherapy course
Nov/Dec 2015 hydrotherapy course

Our first course of six weekly classes finished on 10 December and all seven participants have given excellent feedback.

What participants said

The group found that the exercises really improved their mobility and movement, rating it 5 out of 5.  They also and they thought the level of exercises was excellent (4.7 out of 5) as was the ability of the instructors to respond to their needs (4.9 out of 5).

People were very pleased with the experience:

“I have enjoyed it very much … it has certainly loosened up my legs and arm muscles”
“It has helped strengthen muscles and coordination”
“The most enjoyable way to help my walking and my balance”
“It has got me back in the water.  It has been good fun and I have got to know some members a lot better”

When asked what was the best thing about the course, people said:

“Good tuition.  Warm Pool. Good company.  Fun.”
“The camaraderie – we all worked well together”
“… the feeling that you have done a good work out when you have finished.”

Summarising, people were very positive:

“Give it a go – you’ll be surprised how good it is.”
“The instructor is very helpful, sympathetic and understands your personal needs.”
“Good overall experience”
“Yes, definitely give it a try.  I didn’t believe what another attendee said until I tried it myself, when it exceeded expectation.”

Want to try it?

Our next course, starting 14 January is already full but we will be arranging more courses throughout 2016.  If you would like to join a course, apply now and we’ll put you on the waiting list.  We’ll let you have the dates as soon as they are arranged.

Full details and how to apply