Our hydrotherapy courses are for people with Parkinson’s who want to exercise with reduced risk of falling and with the benefit of buoyancy and water resistance. We hold classes in a purpose-built pool with lovely warm water (5°C warmer than typical swimming pools) at the Chiltern MS Centre in Wendover.

You do not need to be able to swim because you are simply exercising in the water, not swimming. The water is chest deep throughout the pool so you can stand comfortably anywhere in the pool.

What is hydrotherapy?

  • a combination of stretches, aerobic and team exercises making the most of buoyancy and water resistance

    Hydrotherapy pool
    Hydrotherapy pool
  • use floats and weights to help assist and resist movement
  • exercises graded according to ability
  • run by experienced neuro-physiotherapist
  • tailored for people with Parkinson’s
  • up to 7 people per class

Benefits for people with Parkinson’s

  • improved mobility, flexibility and balance
  • water resistance helps strengthen muscles
  • warm water helps ease pain and stiffness

Who can come?

Quote symbolI have enjoyed it very much … it has certainly loosened up my legs and arm muscles”

Quote symbolIt has helped strengthen muscles and coordination”

Quote symbolThe most enjoyable way to help my walking and my balance”

Quote symbolIt has got me back in the water. It has been good fun and I have got to know some members a lot better”

Quote symbolGood tuition. Warm Pool. Good company. Fun.”

Quote symbol”I didn’t believe what another attendee said until I tried it myself, when it exceeded expectations”

Participant Feedback

  • come if you want to exercise but are finding it harder because of your Parkinson’s
  • you must be able to walk independently with or without an aid and be able to get up and down a small step ladder into the pool
  • if you need assistance, for example with changing, you must come with your own carer
  • it’s for our branch members and anyone else with Parkinson’s living in our branch area.  You can still come if you aren’t a member of our branch and live outside our area, but we can’t offer you the reduced price.

You must apply and be accepted before you can join a course– we don’t accept walk-ins on the day.

Class leader

  • Sarah Dixon
    Sarah Dixon

    Sarah Dixon BSc MCSP leads our classes

  • Sarah’s practice, Chiltern Neurophysiotherapy, specialises in neurological and complex rehabilitation needs

Pool safety

We have two physios for groups of 7.  One physio will always be in the pool when there are people in the water and another will be poolside to supervise transfers between changing rooms and the pool.

Help is always on hand for shoes and socks as well.

You may find some aqua shoes helpful. You can wear them both around and in the pool and they do give a good grip for the exercises. You can buy them from places like Amazon and Tesco for about £5.


We hold our classes at the Chilterns MS Centre, Oakwood Close, Wendover, Buckinghamshire. HP22 5LX where there is ample parking.

Individual changing rooms are next to the pool and are large enough to take both the participant and a carer / partner if assistance is required.

Anyone accompanying you can use the cafe at the MS Centre or pop into Wendover for shopping while you’re exercising.

Dates and Applications

  • courses consist of six weekly classes on Thursday afternoons and start at various times of the year.  Please contact us for details of the next available course.
  • you must complete an application form and be accepted before you can join a course
  • you can download a printable hydrotherapy application form (address to send form is on p2)


  • for branch members and anyone else with Parkinson’s living in our branch area we ask for a contribution of £43 per participant towards the cost of the 6 week course (equivalent to £7 per class), payable in advance, for up to two courses per year
  • third and subsequent courses may be available to participants at the full cost of £86 per person
  • if you aren’t a member of our branch and live outside our area the full cost of £86 per person applies
  • hydrotherapy is an exception to our ‘pay as you go’ approach to most activities in that the cost is payable in advance and is non-refundable if you are absent


  • contact Sarah Dixon on 07786 055 647 or contact us for more information and dates of upcoming courses