In Case of Emergency (ICE) card – a gift for you, from our Branch

If you come to our meetings and activities regularly, we’ll give you an ICE card.

That’s because we want to provide the best support we can if you are taken ill or have an accident when you’re with us.

Your ICE card gives first responders key information such as medications, allergies, pre-existing conditions and next of kin. It is easily identifiable, unlike carrying your details in a mobile phone which may be locked, have a flat battery or be difficult to operate for someone not used to your particular model.

Should we need to call the emergency services, we would also aim to contact your next of kin to let them know the situation and which hospital the paramedics take you to. 

We ask you to bring your ICE card to all our meetings and activities and to have it easily accessible.

Complete the details carefully

Your ICE card has a fully writeable reverse.
It’s important to write as clearly as possible in black ink, as space is limited. Ask someone to do this for you if your Parkinson’s makes it difficult.

What else is in the pack?

There’s a pouch to keep the card in, two key fobs to thread onto your key rings and two stickers to let people know you’re carrying an ICE card.


We have a few spare ICE cards if a spouse or other family carer might need one. If they are taken ill, or have an accident, it’s important for first responders to know that they are a carer and who they care for. Collect one from Dorothy Salathiel at a Care and Share meeting, or from a committee member.