Kate’s ‘wing walk’ raises £1200

Kate Burridge remembered watching a wing walk a few years ago and thought it was something she’d love to try. So when the opportunity came along to do it and at the same time raise money for Parkinson’s UK she was very excited.

Cheered on by her husband Roy, step mother Lesley, mother-in-law Kathy as well as friends John and Di (who made sure she did it), Kate and her supporters were all made welcome by the Parkinson’s UK team and staff at Damyn’s Hall Aerodrome in Upminster.

She said “I felt apprehensive about my flight and wondered what on earth I was doing bumping along the grassy runway attached to the top wing before take off. Up to this point it had only been my mother and sister who had shown concern for my safety and stupidity. Now I was beginning to question it myself!”

Kate said, however, that “take off went smoothly and I enjoyed circling around the aerodrome waving at the people below. We did a few dips and turns which gave my stomach the feeling of being on a rollercoaster. I hadn’t been prepared for the strong force against my face which felt as though it was being distorted. It was a fantastic experience but I was relieved to land back in the muddy field!”

Having seen both her grandfather and father (branch member Peter Shaw) live with the condition, Kate has seen at first hand the value of Parkinson’s medications and hopes that the money she has raised will help with research to find even better ones.

Well done Kate!