Liz Scott (Aug 2011)

liz-scott-smallI met an amazing lady last week.  She was 96 years old and, despite having Parkinson’s, is fit and on the ball.  I asked what her secret was and she said “never give in and grow your own vegetables”!  As I write, I am perusing various vegetable seed catalogues.

Sometimes Parkinson’s can make you want to sit back and become a passive spectator to what is happening around you.  If you think this may be happening to you, try to fight against it.  If you can, generate one new idea for an activity every day.  It might simply be “let’s go out for lunch” or “let’s go out for a drive/walk/visit”.  Your partner will really appreciate not having to initiate every activity.

Some people are more ambitious and I was really inspired to read about John Martin’s flying adventures.  This is a fantastic example of not letting life and experiences pass you by.

I love all my gadgets and mobile phones but there is one piece of equipment that is letting me down.  It’s my answerphone.  Every time there is a power surge or a blip in the power supply, I lose all my messages.  I am trying to get a new one but in the meantime if you have left a message for me on my office number and have not received a reply, please try my mobile phone or send an email.