Liz Scott (Aug 2014)

20140321_Liz Scott_005C_SMALLLet’s hope by the time you read this we are enjoying barbecue weather!

Are you drinking enough? You may be tired of hearing health professionals asking: “Are you drinking enough?”. Why are we so obsessed and how much should you drink?

If you do not drink enough, you can become dehydrated and this can cause headaches, confusion, urinary tract infections and constipation. Thirst is a very poor indicator of whether you need to drink.

How much is enough?

Health professionals suggest that the minimum number of drinks per day is six. Think back to yesterday – can you count how many drinks you had?

You can count tea and coffee and some foods such as soup can also be included. Everyone has slightly different requirements. Variety is the key – have some hot drinks and some cold drinks. Try juices for vitamin C and a milky drink at night can promote a good night’s sleep. Remember to have a drink between meals and drink often, at least every two hours.

I know many people worry that by drinking more they will need to go to the toilet more often. It is a fact that the less you drink the more concentrated your urine gets and this irritates the bladder and makes you want to go more. It is particularly important to drink plenty during exercise, hot weather and if you are unwell with diarrhoea and vomiting.