Liz Scott (August 2017)

20140321_Liz Scott_005C_SMALLWhen Parkinson’s UK surveyed their members, the theme of being in control, or taking control of their condition, was very strong. The days of a paternalistic approach from the medical professional are now thankfully over. We are now partners with you on your journey through life with Parkinson’s.

I view it as though you are the captain of the ship Parkinson’s and responsible for the ship’s morale, with the crew on board to help:

  • the chief engineer (the neurologist) strives to get the best out of the engines (medication),
  • the navigator (the Parkinson’s nurse specialist) is there to offer help, advice and support about the journey ahead, and
  • the lieutenants and chief petty officers (the therapists) are there to keep the ship running as efficiently as possible.

At the start, we do not know whether the voyage will be rough or smooth, but one certainty is that whatever happens, there will be squalls and storms ahead, but hopefully some plain sailing too.

What I am trying to say with this rather clumsy analogy is that we are all on your side and will provide you with the tools and advice to keep you functioning to the highest possible level.

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