Liz Scott (Feb 2011)

liz-scott-smallHappy New Year everyone! I am writing this on New Year’s Eve and wondering what 2011 will bring.

It hardly seems possible that we are entering the second decade of the 21st century but strange things are afoot.  England has retained the Ashes in Australia so anything is possible.  With each passing year I am convinced that we are nearer to a breakthrough in Parkinson’s treatment.  An outright cure is still a long way off but I think that within five or six years we may have medications that can slow or halt the progression of the disease.  If you are interested in the latest research into Parkinson’s, the best source of information is the Progress Magazine published by Parkinson’s UK.  You can read the magazine on-line at or ask for it to be posted to you by telephoning 01473 212115.

At this time of year we are all vulnerable to coughs, colds and flu.  If you have Parkinson’s, you should be offered the flu jab and there is no reason to refuse.  If you do become ill, remember your Parkinson’s symptoms will get worse. You may find that you are stiffer, shakier and mobility will suffer. Don’t worry, this is not permanent and once you are over the virus or infection, your symptoms will return to normal.  If you suspect an infection, see your GP, who will prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

Just a reminder: my nurse-led clinics are held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month in Marlow (Glade Road Health Clinic), Thursday afternoons at Amersham Hospital Outpatients and Friday mornings at WycombeHospital.  If you need to see me, just give me a ring to arrange an appointment.