Liz Scott (Feb 2012)

liz-scott-smallHappy New Year!

It scarcely seems possible that another year has flown by. I wonder what 2012 will bring?

My focus for 2012 will be to ensure that if any people with Parkinson’s are admitted to hospitals within the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, they can be confident that they will get their medication on time.

Parkinson’s UK have been running the “Get it on Time” campaign for some years so there is growing awareness of this problem in hospitals.

During 2011 we have made progress, but there are still some instances where lack of understanding has led to delays in getting medication.

This year all late or missed doses will be reported as a clinical incident and this will help to highlight the importance of getting medication on time.

If you have any examples of having a good or bad experience with your medication while in hospital, please let me know.

“Get it on time”

Parkinson’s UK wants all health and social care professionals working with people with Parkinson’s to have a better understanding of the condition and why the timing of drugs is so crucial. They have produced educational DVDs about medication management specifically for hospital and care home staff.