Liz Scott (Nov 2015)

20140321_Liz Scott_005C_SMALLTaking medications on time is the key to optimizing your Parkinson’s control. There are various timers available such as the TabTime 8 and Pill Box Reminder – these will beep to let you know that your pills are due and you open them up and turn off the alarm and take your tablet.

If you turn off alarms and still forget to take the tablet there is a Pivotell Alarm Tablet box. This looks like a saucer and up to 2 weeks’ worth of your medication can be placed inside. When your tablet is due, the Pivotell alarm box will beep and a light will flash. It won’t turn off until you turn the box over and then the tablet is dispensed.

If that is too much, then just a simple alarm beep on a mobile phone might help. There are a number of smartphone apps that have been developed to remind people to take their medication. One recent one is Care4Today which can be downloaded free to your smartphone and it will beep to remind you. You then press an icon to say you have taken your tablet and it can then store this information so that you can keep track of how many doses you miss.

You can set up a buddy to help you monitor missing medications so that if you do not take a medication a friend or relative can call you to remind you to take it. You can also list other things that you might want to remember such as drinking eight cups of fluid per day, or going for a daily walk. At the end of a week, the app will be able to say how many days you have taken your tablets, drunk the fluids and gone for a walk. This helps you to keep you in control of your treatment.

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