Local outings with a lovely lady in Chesham

Keeping in Touch (KIT)

Area: Park Road, Chesham

Our lady would love to get out more, popping into town, going to the library or for lunch locally. She is having difficulty going alone due to Parkinson’s reducing her mobility. Would you enjoy a good chat and leisurely outing with her? She is interested in art, gardening and also family and local history, do you share similar interests? She would really enjoy being out and appreciate your company.

If you’re interested and you could spare approximately an hour every fortnight, please get in touch with Jenny 07511 142268 for more information.

Would you like to volunteer to visit someone with Parkinson’s when they’re less able to get out?

We have teamed up with Enrych, a local charity with 20 years’ experience in the field, to match up a volunteer to visit a like-minded person with Parkinson’s who is finding hard to get out or misses meeting people and doing things they once enjoyed.

As a volunteer visitor, you can enjoy sharing an activity, hobby or skill together. Or go out to places of interest. Or perhaps just chat about what’s going on in our branch so that you can keep in touch.

Are you finding it hard to get out? Do you miss doing things you enjoyed and meeting others?

Click here to read all about our Keeping in Touch (KIT) programme and who to contact.