New website launched

Our new web site was launched at our branch meeting on 24 March 2014.

Old site closed

Our previous website has now closed.   If you bookmarked it or put a shortcut on your screen, now is the time to delete it and bookmark / shortcut this page instead.

Same content, different layout

Much of the content from our old site is still here … but it has been reorganised.  So take a look around the menu above.

Check out our new news page

It’s where we put things that are new (now there’s a surprise!). Here’s a good tip:  subscribe to our news by email so we can let you know what’s going on. We do not share your information with third parties and we will not fill your inbox with rubbish.  And it’s very easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind later.

The place to subscribe is in the right sidebar … just enter your name and email address.  We’ll email you to confirm your address and you’re done!

Our calandar has moved too

If you subscribed to our previous calendar … well you may have noticed it’s no longer there!  But don’t delete it from your calendar app … just change to the new subscribe address.  Go to our calendar page for to get the new address.

Small screens, bigger text

If you are looking at this page on a mobile phone or other small screen device, you’ll find our full menu under the 3-bar menu symbol in the black bar above right.  Our new website detects your screen size and adapts the layout for easier reading on smartphones and tablet computers.


There may be a few glitches until things settle down after the move. Contact usand let us know if you spot any issues.