Parkinson’s Awareness Week 21 April

In a first for our branch, about 35 health professionals and potential sponsors came to short briefing sessions on 21 April which we arranged to help raise awareness of Parkinson’s.

The event, led by Dorothy Salathiel, included a short video about the condition followed by presentations from Tony Vaughan and Margaret Owen talking about the effect of Parkinson’s on their daily lives; and a presentation by Trevor Owen about the branch and its activities.

There was time afterwards for attendees to chat to branch members and there were a wide range of leaflets to take away.

People who completed feedback forms were extremely positive about how useful they found the event and what they learnt.

It was organised by Dorothy Salathiel and Trevor Owen with help from several members of the branch on the day and also from Anita Browne, the Parkinson’s UK local adviser.  Our invitations to about 170 organisations included a leaflet which describes the branch’s activities, which also helps raise awareness.

The event was held in Universal Care’s conference room at their offices in Beaconsfield.  Universal Care Ltd provide the carers for our respite care scheme.