PD Power

PD Power class
PD Power class

PD Power is an exercise programme aimed at developing new neural connections and modifying the path of your Parkinson’s by changing your way of thinking, the way you move and the effort with which you move.

It’s a philosophy for self-managing the condition rather than exercising to keep you fit. It is based on high effort, big amplitude and challenging activities (both physical and cognitive). PD Power uses the brain’s ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections to compensate for the impact of injury or illness – often called neuroplasticity.

Experienced physiotherapist Annie Rainbow developed PD Power from an Australian exercise programme called PD Warrior (pdwarrior.com) and is an accredited PD Warrior practitioner.

Who is it for?

The daily effort and intensity used with PD Power means that it is suitable if you:

  • are reasonably fit
  • don’t have major balance problems
  • would enjoy the challenge of an hour’s dynamic exercise
  • are very motivated to self-manage your condition and build the programme into your daily routine
  • it’s for our branch members and anyone else with Parkinson’s living in our branch area.  You can still come if you aren’t a member of our branch and live outside our area but you need to contact Annie for details.

You must apply and be accepted before you can join the programme – we don’t accept walk-ins on the day.


Quote symbolPD Power is a new and exciting exercise programme specifically developed for people with Parkinson’s. Research suggests that regular high intensity exercise may slow down the progression of Parkinson’s. This is a great opportunity to learn to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle. No more long hours in the gym!”

Liz Scott, Specialist Parkinson’s Nurse

Recent evidence suggests that the right kind of regular exercise can help modify the path of Parkinson’s and slow it down. By building it into your daily routine, the programme will help you to:

  • increase neuroplasticity – that is, make cellular changes in the brain
  • increase control of Parkinson’s
  • increase confidence
  • reduce risk of falls
  • slow progression of the condition


Quote symbolIt really challenged me and Annie was very encouraging”

Quote symbolThe sessions on posture and balance were a real eye-opener for me”

Quote symbol…almost individual tuition given on exercises”

Quote symbolIt’s fun and you feel better afterwards and it does help if you do the exercises at home as well”

Quote symbolAnnie Rainbow is an excellent motivator … (she) keeps you progressing and knows (remembers) your capabilities and stretches them”

Participant Feedback

The programme includes:

  • a one-to-one assessment to understand your capabilities and goals
  • a follow-up one-to-one class to teach you the concepts of PD Power and to help you get the most out of the course
  • a six week course of one hour classes to progress the level of difficulty and ensure exercises remain challenging and drive neuroplasticity.  There are usually 6 to 8 people in the class.

The programme has been designed as a complete package and you cannot take individual elements of it.

Class leader

Annie Rainbow
Annie Rainbow

Annie Rainbow has worked with Parkinson’s patients for more than 15 years. As an advanced neurophysiotherapist, she works closely with Liz Scott, Specialist Parkinson’s Nurse, as part of a multidisciplinary team at Amersham and Wycombe hospitals where she runs classes for patients with advanced Parkinson’s. She has been inspired by PD Warrior and is an accredited practitioner.

Annie qualified with a First Class degree in Physiotherapy from East London University and is a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Visit Annie Rainbow’s website


You have the one-to-one sessions in your own home and you can choose one of three options for the course:

  1. Friday afternoons at Sprinters Leisure Centre, Prestwood HP16 9QY
  2. Thursday mornings at St Michaels Hall, Grenfell Road, Beaconsfield. HP9 2BN
  3. Thursday 6pm to 7pm at Amersham School, Stanley Hill, Amersham HP7 9HH


For branch members and anyone else with Parkinson’s living in our branch area we ask for a contribution of £140 towards the cost of the programme.

If you aren’t a member of our branch and live outside our area you can still do PD Power – please contact Annie for details.

PD Power is an exception to our usual ‘pay as you go’ approach to most activities, in that the cost is payable in advance and is non-refundable if you are absent.

Remember, you must complete an application (contact Annie below) and be accepted before you can join the programme.

Contact and apply

Contact Annie on 07810 652158 or send her a message for more information or to apply.