Peter did it – incredible 1,500 mile pilgrimage!

file-16-10-2016-08-36-49_800After an amazing fundraising walk of more than 1,500 miles, Peter the Pilgrim (Peter Charles) has reached his final destination – the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Not bad for a 70 year-old with Parkinson’s!

The pilgrimage project doesn’t end here though – look out for more news and blog posts on Peter’s website over the coming months.

Peter started from Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire, on 14 February and walked through southern England to Cornwall, all the way down the west coast of France and then along the north coast of Spain.

There have been plenty highlights as well as low points – and you can read all about them in Peter’s blog.

The statistics are incredible:

3 countries walked across
6 months on the trail, including a weekly rest day and the occasional bad weather day off
8 months end to end, including breaks in the UK between stages 1 to 4
11.6 miles walked per day (average)
27 walking days in England
64 walking days in France
38 walking days in Spain
129 walking days in total
450+ donations to the pilgrimage fund
1500+ miles walked
£55,000+ raised for research and respite care – and still rising!
Click / touch to donate
Click / touch to donate

Ninety percent of Peter’s fund will be used for scientific research to help find a cure for Parkinson’s and ten percent will be used for respite care to help people who look after someone with Parkinson’s.

It’s not too late to contribute – simply click this button to go through to Peter’s donations page.


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