Peter the Pilgrim completes stage 2

Peter the Pilgrim reached Saintes in France, 9 May
Peter the Pilgrim reached Saintes in France, ahead of schedule on 9 May

Peter the Pilgrim successfully completed stage 2 of his fundraising walk, ahead of schedule on 9 May, when he reached the town of Saintes in France. His entire pilgrimage of over 1,500 miles will see him walk from Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. See photos from the pilgrimage.

Peter said ” I think that, apart from a few farmers and dog walkers, I saw no more than six other walkers. In dangerous or slippery places I really was careful and, in hindsight, I probably should not have been a solitary walker aged 70! But over the past few days, as the pilgimage routes converge, I’m beginning to meet other pilgrims and walked with one for the last two days.

“I have had no problem with walking and my feet are good. The only damage has been a bruised toe for about three days and two black toenails.”

Following a short break, Peter will commence stage three on 2 June starting from where he finished stage two and will walk down the coast of SW France.

You can see Peter’s progress, day by day, on this page.

Donations to Peter’s fundraising have so far achieved nearly £24,000 of his targeted £250,000 for Parkinson’s UK. Read about how the funds raised will be used.

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