Physiotherapy top tips

Annie Rainbow, Neurophysiotherapist, has worked with Parkinson’s patients for over 15 years and runs our PD Power activity

By Annie Rainbow

  1. THINK BIG – remember Parkinson’s will want to make movements small – it will do the bare minimum – it is lazy! So you deliberately need to make movements bigger.
  2. A DAILY DOSE OF EXERCISE Keep moving- exercise is now being seen as a type of medicine.
  3. POSTURE – you need to think about your posture NOW. Look in the mirror or take a photo and check that you are straight (left and right looks symmetrical and even as well as upright. It is never too early to start thinking about your posture.

TIP draw a felt tip line down the centre of your mirror and another across the width where your shoulders are reflected.  This will help you see where you’re out of alignment.  Then once you have realigned yourself, close your eyes and try to think about how you are now having to hold yourself to keep that alignment.  You may not always be able to see your reflection so memorising is important.

  1. WALKING – to avoid shuffling think about putting heels down first.Consider a walking aid to keep a good walking pattern, reduce secondary problems and maintain your independence (by not relying on someone else to help you walk). PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL

TIP Some shop surfaces catch soft soles so remember to pick your feet up to avoid a fall.

  1. EXERCISE – BIG AMPLITUDE, POWERFUL AND FAST.Exercise/ movement comes in many different forms.  Find something you enjoy and challenge yourself to do it better. Don’t do the same exercise at the same pace every day eg. If you walk daily TRY walking a bit faster or with bigger strides or bigger arm swing for part of that walk.

Remember, the branch has many great activities involving movement to suit a wide range of people with Parkinson’s, depending their ability and inclination:

PD Power
Conductive Education

I guarantee you can move better than you think. Just give it a go today.