Problem solving and Parkinson’s

Lesley leads our Dance4Fun group

By Lesley Shaw

Problem solving and Parkinson’s: just a dance beat away! Research from Hertfordshire University shows dance benefits people with Parkinson’s not only physically and emotionally, but cognitively as well.

We know that when we dance we feel more energised and lighter in mood, but we also benefit from the brain training inherent in dancing. This can have a direct and positive effect on our problem solving abilities.

Once again I was fortunate enough to attend the People Dancing Advanced Dance for Parkinson’s Course at De Montefort University, Leicester, in July. One of the highlights was Dr Peter Lovatt’s lecture: The Psychology of Dance – A Scientific Research Programme on Dance for Parkinson’s.

In a highly entertaining delivery Dr Lovatt elaborated on the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s and in this video he shares some of his research:

To explore more of his research findings just go to Peter Lovatt’s website.

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