Research Study on “Freezing”

Volunteers needed for research study on “freezing”

Will Young, of Brunel University, is looking for volunteers who experience freezing for a study of a new type of strategy to help overcome the problem.

Will says: “Many people who experience freezing of gait will use strategies to help them make a step, such as counting, imagining a marching beat or aiming for a visual target (e.g., a mark on the floor in front of them).

The current study aims to train people to use a different type of strategy called ‘analogy learning’; imagining a metaphor for shifting one’s balance (e.g., a tree swaying in the breeze). This approach is designed by psychologists and neuroscientists in an attempt to help people focus their attention more efficiently, which may help people to make a step and feel less anxious when freezing. We do not know if this new approach is effective. The current project aims to find this out.”


Participation involves a visit to Brunel University to Dr. Will Young’s research laboratory. The session is very informal and will hopefully be interesting for all that attend. We aim to recruit and schedule testing sessions until the end of April/early May. Participants can visit with a spouse/partner/friend and we can even arrange a return taxi or reimburse travel expenses.

Click here for more details in this information sheet.

Please bear in mind that this study is only aimed at people who experience freezing.


Anyone interested in attending can contact Will Young directly on 07807 153392 or or email

Will Young PhD CPsychol
Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychology (Ageing Neuroscience)
Brunel University London
College of Health and Life Sciences
Department of Clinical Sciences