Research wins 200 Club £5,000 prize

200 Club drum
200 Club drum

By John Smith

We have sent £2,500 from 200 Club funds towards a Parkinson’s UK-funded research project that was chosen by Club Members: Targeting the GCASE protein to slow Parkinson’s.

We plan to send another £2,500 before the end of this year for a second research project also chosen by Club Members: Taking positive steps to prevent falls.

Supporting Parkinson’s research has always been the main purpose of the 200 Club by raising funds in an entertaining way. Unlike most fund raising events, many of which are entertaining, the Club raises money on a regular and ongoing basis.

Parkinson’s UK is backing the best and brightest minds to unlock the ideas that will lead to new treatments, and one day a cure for Parkinson’s. 200 Club members voted for their preferred research projects from a selection  of nine that currently need funding.  You can read more about Parkinson’s UK research here.

The 200 Club started in May 2015 and currently has 62 members with subscriptions for 86 balls at £5 a month each. Membership is open to anyone, and around half of subscribers are not branch members.

Anyone over 16 can join the 200 Club
Anyone over 16 can join the 200 Club

With 60% of all subscriptions received going to support Parkinson’s research, the 200 Club has proved to be a winning formula for regular fund raising. If you are not already a member, please consider joining and/or invite some of your family, friends and neighbours to do so.

If you would prefer us to contact people, please let us have their contact details.

40% of all subscriptions received are returned to members as prizes each month and 50 members have won a total of more than £2,300 since the Club started. So remember, IT COULD BE YOU!

And, finally, a big thank you to all Club Members who have enabled us to send such substantial sums to headquarters for much needed research.

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