Speech and language therapy

This is a group for people with Parkinson’s who wish to work on speech rehabilitation together and in partnership with the Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) Team from Amersham Hospital.  Meetings are held at the Princes Risborough Community Centre.

Touch or click
Touch or click

You can drop in for all or part of the sessions and the programme of groups is timetabled for the whole year. So pick the sessions which suit you and fit into your own holiday dates etc and come along to see us.

If you have new concerns you can speak to a qualified therapist at the group for advice.

Who can come?

Quote symbolI have really enjoyed coming to the group. It has helped my self-confidence and made me feel better about my speech”

Everyone in our area with a Parkinson’s diagnosis can come. You are welcome to come with your partner/carer or there are local shops and cafes if they need a chance to run a couple of errands. We do not have a nurse attending regularly so you will need to make your own arrangements for any medication you require.

You can gain support from talking to people in a similar situation. All conversations at the group are confidential and not to be shared outside the group.


You can find the latest programme by clicking the blue ‘news’ button above.

What they say about it

“[It] has shown me how my voice can be strengthened. The varied programme of monthly sessions has been informative and enjoyable, addressing the different vocal needs of each of us”  Geoff

“I have really enjoyed coming to the group. It has helped my self-confidence and made me feel better about my speech” Janet

“My experience of [it] has been very positive. I was diagnosed with having PD two years ago , my main problem being my voice and swallow. The meetings have been a great help to me, not only by the activities put on but also through meeting other PD sufferers and understanding the many ways the disease manifests itself” John

“The activities include music and rhythm, movement, singing and voice exercises. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and positive and has proved a great help in coming to terms with my diagnosis” John

“I like having opportunities to mix with other people coping with Parkinson’s”

“I have attended the group and find it of great value as a newly diagnosed PD sufferer”

“My voice is very quiet so it helps very much”

“It’s fun!”

More details

Contact the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Speech and Language Therapy team:

Victoria Just on 01296 315247
Sarah Rosser on 01494 734415

Victoria and Katie, Speech Therapists
Victoria and Katie, Speech Therapists


The Club Room, Princes Risborough Community Centre, Stratton Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 9AX.

Parking is available opposite at 30p per hour.