St Helen’s Old Girls’ Charitable Trust donate £250

St Helen's Old Girls
St Helen’s School girls – can you spot Dorothy Salathiel? (competition below)

St Helen’s School Old Girls’ Club and its Charitable Trust supports its members’ voluntary work. Following Dorothy Salathiel’s application, the Trust has donated £250 to our branch of Parkinson’s UK.

St Helen’s School in Northwood has an active Old Girls’ Club.  Its Charitable Trust raises money by running a stall of unwanted gifts at the school’s Calendar Sale and through donations. The first Calendar Sale was held in 1916 when a class sold flower illustrations mounted on card with calendars attached to raise money for an East End settlement and it evolved into an annual school event before Christmas to raise money for charity.

Any old girl of the school may apply for a gift from the Charitable Trust to help in voluntary work they are undertaking. In addition to this year’s donation, the Trust has donated £450 to our branch in previous years.


Branch committee member, Dorothy Salathiel, went to St Helen’s and has frequently helped at its Calendar Sale.

Can you identify Dorothy in the above photo at the school?  She will give a prize to the winner. In case of a tie, please say which year you think it was taken.

Answers to Dorothy via this link by 1 July 2016

You can find a more recent picture of Dorothy on the committee page.