Volunteer website manager

Would you like to help the our branch of Parkinson’s UK run this website? Anyone can apply for this role – you don’t have to have a connection with Parkinson’s.

This is a non-technical role for someone interested in managing our local group website to communicate our activities and news to the public and to members. You would be managing the content and layout of our existing website (already works well and doesn’t need any significant structural changes). This is not a technical role because we have external support to resolve technical problems and answer questions about how things work.

You could be:

  • providing advice to contributors on writing for our website
  • editing content as required to improve effectiveness and maintain a consistent structure, style and tone of page content
  • adding / removing website pages as the activities of the branch change
  • Mailing out monthly e-newsletters to subscribers (this is well automated using news content on the website; subscriber list maintained in the background as new people subscribe or existing ones unsubscribe)
  • Manage the events calendar
  • Interface with technical support to resolve any issues with the working of the website

There might be a need to write some of the content but often it will be written by members of the committee or by others in the branch.

You should be comfortable using a PC or Mac and have an interest in marketing communications through the multimedia capabilities of a website.

The role is hands-on and will take an average of about 3 hours a week.

Find out more and apply

If you would like to know more about the role before applying please contact us.

To apply, please download and complete this application form: Volunteering application form.

Please email your application form to volunteer@parkinsonsAHW.org.uk  by the closing date.

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